200 round hopper
Tippmann VL Paintball Hopper Gravity Feed 200 Round Loader w Flip Cap Black This standard paintball hopper works on almost all paintball markers. Some paintball markers require an attachement elbow for a hopper (any hopper) to work. If you have...
Low Pro Hopper
Designed for stealthy scenario play, Tippmann’s low profile paintball loader is built with a unique offset construction providing a streamlined view along the top of the marker. Compatible with all markers featuring Cyclone Feed Systems. Easy maintenance Ideal for Woodsball play Sleek low profile construction...
Tippmann Reloader Mag Filler
Fits Both .50Cal and .68Cal Paintball Magazines. Compatible with Tippmann TMC and Z18 Splatmaster. Quickly And Easily Loads Paintball Magazines Works With Tippmann TMC Magazines And SplatMaster Z18 Magazines Loads Magazines Using A Simple Hand-Crank Load System Converts Between .68...
TIPX 12 Rd Extended Mag 2 Pack
Add a 12 ball magazine to your game!  Whether you are shooting the TCR or TiPX this magazine is sure to give you the right amount of paint to increase your level of play.  The 12 ball magazine is first...
TIPX Mag 2 Pack
The new Tru-Feed 7-Ball Magazine will now come standard with every TiPX Pistol, uses a straight feed, low tension spring system that allows players to use a wider variety of paint, and is less affected by hot or humid conditions....
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