10 Pack Detent
Eclipse Detents 10 Pack 
CS2 Mech Frame Kit
The Planet Eclipse CS2 Mechanical Frame Kit provides the very best mechanical paintball experience possible. The kit's high-end materials, high quality construction and breadth of user adjustability gives players an advantage like no other.
CS2 Mech POPS and Inline Kit
The CS2 Mech POPS and Inline Kit is a simple bolt-on kit for the CS2 Mech Frame to further increase the ease of swapping your CS2 between electronic and full mech configurations. The kit includes all the parts that are...
The Push On Purge System (POPS) replacement for the standard EMEK screw-in ASA makes airing-up a breeze Direct replacement for stock EMEK ASA Easy to install Made from 6061-T6 Aluminum
Emek/EMF FL 3-way Valve
The new Planet Eclipse FL-3-Way has been developed to get the maximum performance possible from the Emek and EMF100 markers, whilst maintaining the bulletproof reliability of the platform.   Shorter, lighter, faster; the FL 3-Way has been field-tested for over...
EMF100 Blackout Screw Kit
A complete set of blackout screws to complement your EMF100 setup. Simply replace your existing silver screws.
Gamma Core ST3 BoltKit
The Planet Eclipse Gamma Core ST3 Bolt Kit is a Soft Tip bolt upgrade kit for all Gamma Core markers. The bolt kit is also a replacement item for the CS2/CS2 Pro standard bolt. Soft Tip Bolt Spare Soft Tip insert Gentle...
Tool Tube
Planet Eclipse Tool Tube Allen Keys. (Colors may vary)
Universal Oring/Dentent kit
planet eclipse Universal Oring/Dentent kit Kit includes: EGO MkII Ball Detents x20 O-Ring 006 NBR90 x10 O-Ring 009 NBR70 x10 O-Ring 010 NBR70 x10 O-Ring 011 NBR70 x10 O-Ring 14x2 NBR70 x20 O-Ring 14 NBR70 x10 O-Ring 013 NBR70 x10...
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