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AG Paintball and PBWarehouse

PBWarehouse is a New England grown pro shop that caters to the needs of all varieties of players. From top level pros to the weekend warriors, we aim to advance the sport into a new era when it comes to shopping for equipment. We only stock our shelves with the products we believe players truly want and will be the most reliable for your needs. This grants us full faith in our inventory while allowing you to have full confidence with each purchase. With our home in New Hampshire growing at a rapid rate, a small percentage of each transaction goes towards our field and expanding the local scene at AG Paintball. We are happy to invite you to be apart of the PBWarehouse and AG Paintball family!

AG Paintball has been in existence from 1988 serving over 250,000 guests and counting. We are one of the oldest paintball parks in the world, just down the road from the origination of paintball in Henniker, NH. We offer 12 playing fields across 28 acres, with 10 Woodsball fields, 1 NXL regulation Speedball field and target range. We offer fully certified gun technicians, a pro shop, full rental gear for players, covered staging areas, food and drink on site. Our world class referee staff to ensure all players, no matter the experience level, have a safe and fun time.

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