Remote line Male adapter
Remote Line quick disconnect to ASA adapter
Tippmann Coil Remote slide/chk
Compatible with CO2 and Compressed Air (HPA) Allows players to remove tank off the gun and put in a pouch on back Lessens weight of gun during play Offers greater range of motion High Quality triple chrome plated steel fittings...
HK Standard Remote
The HK Army coiled remote hose provides a full range of movement while keeping the hose tight to your body. Coiled remotes lighten the overall weight of your marker by giving the freedom to mount the air system to a...
HK Coil Remote w/ Slide
The HK Army Coiled Remote with Slide Check allows you to disconnect/ degas the remote hose without having to turn toff the air valve on the air system. The coiled hose provides a full range of movement while keeping the...
TIPX Remote Adapter
The Tippmann Remote Line Adapter allows you to use a remote line with your TiPX Pistol.  Once installed you will have a male quick disconnect fitting protruding from the back of your pistol to attach a remote line to for your CO2 or HPA tank.  You...
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