CS2 Mech Frame Kit
The Planet Eclipse CS2 Mechanical Frame Kit provides the very best mechanical paintball experience possible. The kit's high-end materials, high quality construction and breadth of user adjustability gives players an advantage like no other.
CS3 Mech Frame - Black
The CS3 Mech Frame Kit is the ultimate mechanical accessory for the CS3, and the most complete Mech Frame upgrade we’ve ever produced. It boasts features never found in the mech world before, and has been built to dominate at...
Gtek 180R Mech Frame
The Gtek 180R Mech Frame Kit will transform your electronic masterpiece into a mechanical powerhouse, in seconds.The kit contains all the components required to make the transition from electro to mech with minimal effort but, to maintain the value ethos...
Planet Eclipse GTEK 180R POPS
Kit Includes: Complete POPS Assembly Inline Reg Adjuster and Body Assemblies Inline Reg Piston Inline Reg Spring Mounting Screws
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