Eclipse LC Plate Carrier
The Valken/Eclipse HDE Plate Carrier has laser cut MOLLE attachment points located on the front and back as well as on the shoulder straps for optimal loadout capability. This tactical vest includes soft foam “dummy plate” inserts in the front...
Eclipse Plate Carrier Side Panel
A set of 2 Valken/Eclipse HDE camo laser cut plate carrier side panels – designed to work with Valken/Eclipse HDE Plate Carrier Vests that come with side straps or without a tactical cummerbund. The side plates are 6-inch by 6-inch...
Eclipse Tactical Load Vest HDE
Designed for maximum paint load and comfort the Eclipse "Load" Vest carries 6 pods in the integrated pod holders but can easily extend to a 6+10 using the pod extenders which can be neatly folded away when not required. The...
Eclipse Triple Mag Pouch
The Valken/Eclipse HDE Triple Magazine Pouch fits a multitude of different magazines. Laser cut MOLLE slots offer exceptional stability for attached pouches and allow you to increase your loadout capability. Attach and stack your triple mag pouches to greatly increase...
Hostile CTS - Sector Chest Rig
The CTS Sector Chest Rig provides a tactical advantage by giving you an accessible and lightweight chest or abdomen mounted kit., Allowing you to efficiently carry and access essential items during gameplay. This padded mid sized chest rig is the...
Hostile CTS Reflex Backpack
The CTS Reflex Backpack is a versatile addition to your kit offering customizability, mobility and safety. Designed primarily to safely carry your HPA Tank, the Reflex Backpack offers four different areas for the HPA tank hose to route through, interior...
Hostile LTS - AR Mag 3 Cell
The Hostile series Mag Cells are designed to securely hold rifle magazines without the need of a top cover strap. The Mag Cell utilizes elastic tension to securely hold magazines in place without ever having to worry about losing a...
Hostile LTS - Evac Dump pouch
The EVAC Dump Pouch is designed to store emptied or spare magazines. The lightweight pouch easily attaches to any MOLLE-compatible gear or velcro panel. Featuring a nylon cinch drawcord closure at the top opening which helps prevent any magazines from...
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